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Power LinesElectric and natural gas lines may intersect sewer lines.
Ameren Illinois uses various boring techniques to install underground gas piping and electric lines. Despite the precautions we take, on rare occasions a bore may puncture a sewer line. As a result, a utility line can be unintentionally installed directly through a sewer line in what is known as a “cross bore.”

Know the dangers of cross bores.
A cross bore that intersects a sewer line will impede the flow of sewage and, eventually, lead to a blockage. Clearing the blockage can damage the utility line, creating a potentially dangerous situation. For example, a nicked or severed pipe could allow natural gas to enter a building, and a damaged electric line could allow contact with high-voltage electric current.

See how devastating a cross bore can be:

If you suspect a cross bore, please suspend work activity and call Ameren Illinois immediately.
If you encounter a blockage in a sewer line—it could be a cross bore. Call us immediately at 800.755.5000. We will promptly inspect the situation and make any necessary corrections to protect workers and the public.

A cross bore occurs when an electric or natural gas line intersects a sewer line. Notify us immediately if you suspect a cross bore in a blocked sewer line.